Choosing a plugin for Instagram is not as immediate as it may sound. I like to distinguish between widget plugins, allowing to show your latest photos in a sidebar widget, or create beautiful galleries – and in that case things start to get complicated.

If you want to create galleries, you will more likely go with a plugin that uses the Instagram API (and outside of the widget plugins, most do), keep in mind Instagram’s API Terms of Use (which by the way changes all the time). Luckily enough, most plugins come with quiet self-explanatory documentation. This is why I picked a few plugins depending on their main feature:

  • Widget plugins to create widgets that will show your latest Instagram photos in a sidebar widget.
  • Instagram galleries, for displaying photos in posts and pages (Most of them come with sidebar widgets as well).

To put this list together, I installed and tested over 25 different Instagram plugins. Here’s my top picks:

1. Plugins For Displaying Instagram Photos In Widgets

Instagram Slider Widget: This is the most basic plugin you can come across.Responsive widget that will display the latest Instagram posts in either a slider or grid layout. There is no need to set up API access, the widget simply requires an Instagram user name. This widget will allows you to set the interval (in hours) for checking for new posts.

WP Instagram Widget: A widget that displays a barebones listing of the latest photos for an Instagram user. Once again, all you need to do is to specify the Instagram username and the number of posts you’d like to display.WP Instagram Widget has been tried and tested on over 200,000 WordPress websites and has a positive average user rating of 4.2 stars out of 5.

2. Plugins That Display Instagram Photos In Galleries

Alpine PhotoTile For Instagram: Both widgets and shortcodes provide 5 different layouts along with settings to control the look and feel of the galleries, from borders to drop shadows. Let’s be honest, we all like when things are easy and practical – this is where Alpine stands out from the crowd, providing a shortcode builder with preview. It also comes with full instructions on how to set up the Instagram API.

Accesspress for Instagram: Want to include your Instagram feed’s photos without the widgeted box and distracting image descriptions surrounding them? This plugin from AccessPress removes all that excess noise and provides you with a few different layout options for your images, including a slider, lightbox, and basic gallery layout.

Enjoy Instagram: this free plugin gives you a good range of options for how Instagram content is displayed on your WordPress website. With photo grid and carousel options, as well as the ability to import content from specific user accounts and hashtags, Enjoy Instagram ensures you’re able to get your social media feed integration working in the way that you want. You also get the option of using the sidebar widget or the shortcodes to display the feeds on your site. Thanks to this, you can easily insert a feed of content into your posts and pages.