We all need to read some inspiring stories every now and again. This is our very special way of collating interviews and features from fellow entrepreneurs and influencers from the World Wide Web

Tina Brown: "I’ve become a hermit, and I’m a very happy hermit"

The British-born journalist took the reins at Vanity Fair in the ’80s and turned the then-struggling magazine into a must-read (...)

After her time at Vanity Fair, Brown became the first woman to edit The New Yorker before she eventually founding The Daily Beast.

“One of the things I think is very exciting in this moment is the rise of women entrepreneurs who are saying, ‘You know what? I don’t see what there is for me in this current structure—I want to just do my own structure.'”

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Leah Itsines:"I set out my goals, set out where I wanted to go and how I was going to get there"

Food blogger and recipe developer Leah Itsines is one Aussie success story who has managed to build a cult following out of her love for all things health and nutrition, and although some might say it’s in her DNA (her sister is world-renowned fitness guru, Kayla Itsines), she kinda just fell into it unexpectedly before realising she was onto something:

"I networked, I asked questions, I trialled things, I failed, I learnt from it and made it better the next time and most importantly, I wasn’t held back by fear.”

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Anna Bullbrook: "Momentum has a way of creating more momentum. Also, I make a lot of lists."

Musician and GIRLSCHOOL director Anna Bulbrook went from festival-circuit superstar to founder with a mission. On the Collective Hub she shares how to build a mission from the ground up, and why her favourite podcast is NPR's 'How I Built This'

“Do you have an idea? Are you curious where something will lead? You don’t need to know everything yet. Just fucking start.”

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Jessica Sepel: "Trust in the importance and power of learning."

Clinical nutritionist and best-selling author, Jessica Sepel is best known for her philosophy of “Living The Healthy Life”, that is, one that celebrates food with balance and joy rather than deprivation and fad dieting.

Sporteluxe chat to Jessica about how she got to where she is today and some of the most important lessons she’s learnt along the way.

"My passion for nutrition is so strong. Every single day I am in awe of the powerful healing nature of food and how the body thrives off nutrients when we treat it right. It is incredible.”

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