ASA & Advertising Masterclass

A masterclass delving into ASA and Cap Regulations

Since ASA and CAP released their guidelines there has been a lot of talking about the responsibilities of influencers and how they should approach sponsored content. In this masterclass we discuss the guidelines, as well as presenting the ROHWI influencer pricing guidelines.

ASA have launched a new guide to help social influencers stick to the rules by making clear when their posts are ads.

The Influencer’s Guide we analyse in this masterclass has been developed in collaboration with the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

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ASA & CAP Guidelines Masterclass

An influencer’s audience needs to know when they have been in any way paid, incentivised or compensated for the products they’re promoting – including if a product or service has been given to them for free.

Regulations have been put in place to protect consumers and ensure that influencers aren’t misleading their followers about which products they’ve been paid to promote.

The masterclass includes:

  • What the ASA considers to be an AD
  • How to make clear ads are ads
  • How to approach sponsored posts
  • How to set rates for your advertorial and sponsored content

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