“Health Bloggers Community and Wellspoken Mark have paired up to create a much-needed resource for all bloggers – both new and old – who want to share content responsibly, maximise their influence, and have fun whilst doing so.”

- Kirstin Kade, Taste and See Blog

"I joined the register and influencer training programme because it really fits with my values of transparency, credibility and collaboration in blogging. Before joining I was aware that some of the content I wrote when I first started my blog no longer fit these values and the course helped me to develop an editorial policy to revise these posts.

I think this will help me to stand out in a competitive marketplace and develop long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships with brands"

- Rachel Evans, Healthy & Psyched

"I'm so glad that I decided to enrol on ROHWI and the influencer training programme. The advice that I've learnt from it has been invaluable and I can't recommend it enough. It's given me the confidence to approach more brands and provided me with the skills to be clearer in my negotiations with them. It's also taught me me the importance of well substantiated wellness content and being as transparent and honest with your audience as possible.”

- Yasmin Wakefield, Nourishing Yas

I am very glad I decided to study this training programme with ROHWI as it gave me a deeper insight into working with brands and legal requirements. I have learnt that there is so much more to collaborating than compensation. It is also making sure you are being transparent with your audience in order to build trust and to make sure you are writing responsibly about different topics. If you are wanting to take your blog and client collaborations to the next level, I would highly recommend studying this!”

Hannah, Wellness & Wander

"The training helped me to consider some of the language I was using and gave me confidence to be clearer in negotiations etc. I was happy to find out what I'd been doing for the last few years was the right way of going about my business! I also gained clarity on brand disclosure. I had always done this, but the training helped clear up the associated rules (or lack of them!)"

Ceri Jones, Natural Kitchen Adventures