Introduction to the "Business of Influence"

How to turn your influence into a well-oiled business


Introduction to the 'Business of Influence' and Finances

We know that setting up your brand, business or career in wellness can be tough.

But with our team of fitness, wellness and content and strategy experts, plus the friendliest community around, we're here to help! We'll show you what you can achieve and connect you with the people you need to know to guarantee success and fulfilment.

The course includes dedicated Q&As with inspirational health and fitness figures as case studies to further your growth.

The aim of this training it to provide clear knowledge and understanding in key areas of running a business as an influencer. The mini-course has been developed with the aim of progressing learners into business ownership, self-employment and freelance projects.

We'll be discussing the key elements of the "business of influence", professionalism within your business formation and support in the development of enterprise skills.

We'll focus on providing an understanding in key areas essential for developing a business idea in order to make appropriate decisions about your own business intentions.

In this course you'll be learning about...

  • Personal Progression
  • Understanding Money
  • Introduction to Finances
  • Influencer-specific promotion tools

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